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Monsanto Forces GMOs on Africa

Posted in Crop Failure by stopmonsanto on April 10, 2009

On March 31st the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved S.384 The Global Food Security Act of 2009. The bill says the U.S. must fund GMOs and Biotechnology. Section 22: Foreign Relations and Intercourse states, “(4) include research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology. Please check La Vida Locavore for extensive information.

The fact that this bill even includes information for GMOs is big news. Passed bills have funded ag research and considered, “the special needs of small farmers, the interrelation between technology, institutional capacity, the environment and cultural factors, and extensive field testing of technology.” Now, all of a sudden Big Biotech is brought into the mix. Mandatory U.S. GM research programs are also trouble for countries that ban GM seeds and crops, like many in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. This bill could mean the difference of rejecting food aid, or letting GMOs into their countries.

In short this is a bill to further destroy the planet and ruin food crops with more Genetic Engineering. The government is sneaking these bills into legislation and the public has no say. Only one word enters my mind which is: tyranny, and we need to wake up from the matrix before it is too late and every food is Genetically Modified.



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