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Massive GM Corn Failure in South Africagm cr

Posted in Crop Failure by stopmonsanto on April 10, 2009

Workers in South Africa who were scammed into false promises by Monsanto were recently brought the truth about GM corn, but not without the cost of losing their jobs. Corn is the main staple in South Africa and this failure is destroying the lives of many. The three maize varieties which failed to produce seeds were designed with a built-in resistance to weed-killers, and manipulated to increase yields per hectare. 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn (maize) failed to produce hardly any seeds. As expected Monsanto underestimates the up to 80% crop failure and blames it on, “underfertilisation processes in the laboratory”.

Environmental activist and Director of the Africa-centre for biosecurity in Johannesburg, Marian Mayet, is calling for not only an immediate government investigation on the GM, maize crops, but also a ban on all GM-foods. “Monsanto says they just made a mistake in the laboratory; however we say that biotechnology is a failure. You cannot make a ‘mistake’ with three different varieties of corn”, says Mayet.

Just like the United States, South Africa does not require labels on GM food. Efforts to label the food do subsist, including the supermarket chain Woolworths, who banned all sales of GM food since 2000.

Health Affects of GM corn

• Infertility
• Abnormal Gene Expression
• Allergic Reactions
• Rats fed Monsanto’s Mon 863 corn, engineered to produce Bt-toxin, had liver lesions and other indications of toxicity.
• Chickens fed the herbicide tolerant “Liberty Link” corn died at twice the rate of those fed natural corn.
• About two dozen farmers reported that thousands of their pigs had reproductive problems when fed certain varieties of Bt corn

GM corn is undeniably dangerous to human health and the environment.



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  1. Monsanto Sucks said, on April 12, 2009 at 3:21 am

    fuck monsanto and their gm corn, soy and others…. I hope they all rot in hell for their screwing over the AMERICAN and global public. I hope those that let it happen have their lives destroyed for what they have released upon humanity. I come from a long line of hard working farmers and I hope they all have their fingernails removed while eating corn flakes!!!!!! Rot in hell you Monsanto fuckers, all of you pricks should be ashamed of what you have done for a few trillion bucks you pricks!!!

    • John M said, on June 10, 2010 at 5:09 pm

      Monsanto is an organized crime organization with deep roots in our corrupt government!

  2. 6205 said, on June 7, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Its US company, so why you damn, stupid, fat americans don’t kill those bastards?

  3. PUNJAMI said, on March 11, 2010 at 5:09 am


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