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Even Low Levels of Roundup Damage Cells

Posted in GM Health Effects by stopmonsanto on April 9, 2009

An interesting study from the University of Caen in France reveals that low levels of Monsanto’s Roundup found in both GM food and feed can cause cell damage and even death. Roundup is the number-one selling herbicide worldwide, most going directly to GM crops.

The study also showed that the active ingredient in Roundup (glyphosate), “We also noted membrane and DNA damages, and found that the formulations inhibit cell respiration. In addition, it was shown that the mixture of the components used as Roundup adjuvants amplified the action of the active principle called glyphosate; one of its metabolites may be even more toxic.” Marketed formulations of glyphosate generally contain a surfactant. The purpose of this is to prevent the chemical from forming into droplets and rolling off leaves which are sprayed. Some of these surfactants are serious irritants, toxic to fish, and can themselves contain contaminants which are carcinogenic to humans.

This study serves as another piece of evidence that GMOs are undoubtedly unsafe.

Discover a collection of scientific studies on the health risks of GMOs in Jeffrey Smiths Genetic Roulette.



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